White And Blue whisky Price In Pune | White And Blue 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, Whisky Price In Pune (Pdf)

White And Blue whisky Price In Pune, The taste of White And Blue whisky redefines the word ‘Grandness’. The rich and fine taste of White And Blue puts it in a different league from its peers and contemporaries. One sip and you’re sure to be captivated for a lifetime with this magnificent creation. Its subtlety gives a matured feel and comforts you. The sophistication of this whisky makes it novel and irresistible choice for all whisky lovers.

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  • White And Blue whisky Price In Pune
  • White and Blue 180ml, whisky price in Pune
  • White and Blue 375ml, whisky price in Pune
  • White and blue 750ml, whisky price in Pune

White And Blue whisky Price In Pune:-

Whisky NameVolumePrice
White And Blue Whisky 180ml202/-
White And Blue Whisky 375ml420/-
White And Blue Whisky 750ml840/-
White And Blue Whisky Prices

About White And Blue Whisky:-

COLOUR :- Golden Brown with a shade of dominant gold

NOSE :- A perfect balance of a sweet medium fruity fragrance and an aromatic smokiness. Great mouth-feel of sweet honey and distinct vanilla

Rich and smooth.

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FAQ:- White And Blue whisky Price In Pune

White And Blue whisky 750ml price in Pune?

The white And Blue 750ml price in Pune is Rs. 840/-

180ml White And Blue whisky price in Pune?

White And Blue whisky of 180ml is priced at 202/-

how much alcohol is in White And Blue?

Alcohol By Volume 42.8%

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