White And Blue Whisky Price In Nigeria | White, And Blue 700ml Whisky Price In Nigeria

White And Blue Whisky Price In Nigeria- White and Blue is a unique blend of Scotch and matured Indian malts that tease your all senses into submission. Made with a commitment to both quality and value, this brand is slowly becoming the ultimate choice for whisky connoisseurs all over the country and achieved the sales milestone of One million cases in October 2015. Flavor Grandness. The rich and fine taste of White and Blue puts it in a different league from its peers and contemporaries. One sip and you’re sure to be captivated for a lifetime with this magnificent creation. It’s a true seduction for your taste buds and not just that, it soothes your soul. the color natural hue of this whisky is beyond words. It’s exotic. The intense rich brown color creates surreal imagery for the human eye. Its radiance is unparalleled and it hypnotizes your heart, mind, and soul. Its hue radiates like a precious stone and reflects warmth all around. grain Matured malts and the finest grain spirits come together to give birth to this delightful blend. Soak in the awesome grainy taste of whisky, that lets you envision a fantastic reality.

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White and blue whisky price in Nigeria

White And Blue Whisky Price In Nigeria (Price Chart)

White And Blue Whisky700ml₦ 1700

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About White And Blue Whisky-

White and Blue have delightful and uniquely original finesse. Its subtlety gives a matured feel and comforts you. The sophistication of this whisky makes it a novel and irresistible choice for all whisky lovers. Softness and trends stand testimony to the fact that great whisky is always light. It is also delicate and smooth on the taste buds. The whisky sleek and refined smoothness gives you a tranquil feeling that enriches you. Aroma one of the biggest distinguishing factors in whisky brands is its sylvan aroma. The whisky’s fine rich woody notes linger from the moment it is poured into a glass. The exotic fragrance unleashes intriguing tales of enchantment.

FAQ- White And Blue Whisky Price In Nigeria

What is the price of White And Blue Whisky In Nigeria?

The White And Blue Whisky Price In Nigeria Is- ₦ 1700 (700ml)

How much alcohol content in White And Blue Whisky?

Alcohol By Volume:- 42.8%

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