Which Is Better Whisky Blenders Pride Or Signature ?

In this post, We Are Going To Answer The Question Asked By Most Drink Lovers, Which Is Better Whisky Blenders Pride Or Signature ?

Blenders Pride Vs Signature :-

Blenders Pride is a brand of Indian whisky, owned by Pernod Ricard, and launched in 1995. It is a blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malt and contains no artificial flavouring. Blenders Pride was launched in india in 1995. by Seagram. Blenders Pride, a Blend of imported scotch malts and select indian grains spirits is the result off over 150 years of Seagrams great Tradition of blending fine Whiskys.

Signature, also known as McDowell’s Signature, is a brand of Indian whisky, manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, a Diageo Group company. It was launched in 1994. Signature A premium Whisky, Created By one of the most renowed Master Blender in the world. The Whisky is a blend of imported scotch malts and indian grain spirits, and crossed the One Million cases mark in 2008-09 nearly 14 years after it was first launched in the indian market. Now let’s see what is the difference between Blenders Pride vs Signature Whiskey and which whiskey is better than these two.

Blenders Pride And Signature are two of the most selling whisky, brands in india, they have been serving consumers for over two decades and the integral part of the united spirit, the signature feels light and provides hints of honey and leather, on the other hand blenders pride nose leavse a strong aroma of molasses and provides hints of smoky and softness, they are both confined to diffrent seagment of users. However if you havee to choose one you should consider drinking Blenders Pride it is certainly better than the Signature. bases if the facts stated.

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Blenders Pride :-

  • type :- Indian Whisky
  • Manufacturer :- Pernod Ricard
  • Country Of Origin :- India
  • Introduced :- 1995
  • Alchohal Volume :- 42.8%
  • Colour :- Brown
  • Flavour :- Smooth and Smoky
  • Ingredients :- indian grains spirits, Scotch malt.
  • Variants :- Blenders Pride Reserve Collection

The Taste a slice Of Heaven in every sip. Blenders Pride Sold 250,00 cases in 2003, out of 105 million cases country wide in the premium whisky segement, in march 2004 seagram manufacturing ltd, Blenders Pride whisky has a very soft and smoky taste, the color of this whisky is brown. It is the most famous whisky in India, with an alcohol content of 42%. This whisky is very popular in Indian festivals. Blenders Pride top premium blended whisky in india, blenders pride is our opinion the best indian whisky, this is bold statement but the fact is that no otheer whisky has great combination of smoothness, body and taste blenders pride has.

both signature and Blenders Pride are two of india’s most widely sold whiskys and although signature is a cheaper altenative, blenders pride is a far more superior indian blend relying solely on scottish malt and exquisite indian grain whiskies for great taste.

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Signature :-

  • Type :- Indian whisky
  • Manufaturer :- UnitedSpirits Ltd,(USL)
  • Country Of Origin :- India
  • Intoduced :- 1994
  • Alcohal By Volume :- 42.8%
  • Colour :- Bright Amber
  • Ingredients :- aged indian malt , aged scotch whisky
  • Variants :- Signature rare Aged, Signature Premier grain

The Signature Whisky has a few alcohal notes when tasting it for the first time, there are notes of oak, vanilla, caramel, and molasses sweetness. signature was initially available in Quarts ( 750 ml Bottles) 180 ml and 375 ml sizes were introduced in octber 1999. Blenders Pride and Signature don’t differ much in terms of alcohol content, but they do taste different. The signature is widely sold in India, and due to the large brand it is known as junk whiskey.

The Tasting notes of the Signature whisky brands carry a nose that is quite light with hints of honey and leather, i is a little smoky as compared as Blenders Pride , since it is a young blend, the plalate brings about the smoky flavour more and the taste of molasses are evidant. Signature is too smooth blended whisky but suffers when it comes to processing a tantallizing nose , a crucial factor for serious whisky drinks. one of the whisky brands in india is signature whisky, known for its affordability and great taste , it is a whisky brands that has been around for many years. signature whisky cost around 704 rs, to 1407 rs. it is bit one daimensional and inoffensive. indeed not the worst whisky ,

Conclusion:- Which Is Better Whisky Blenders Pride Or Signature ? (Blenders Pride Vs Signature) :-

Although Blenders Pride and Signature are two different whiskeys that are in high demand in India, 70 to 80% of people prefer this whiskey. Both have the same alcohol content but different tastes. You can have both whiskeys to your liking, but you won’t see much difference.

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