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Top 10 Beer Brands In India – Beer is one of the largest-selling soft alcoholic drinks in India. People of India do not miss the opportunity to drink beer on any special occasion. Nowadays, famous rap singers of India do not forget to use words like liquor and beer in their every song. India is a country where there is no dearth of beer drinkers.

If you are also fond of beer or are in the mood to try beer, then you must read this article. In this, we are telling you about the 10 best beer brands in India.

10 Famous Beers –

By the way, there are many brands of beer in India, but we are going to provide information about the top 10 best beers among them. India beer brands are sold a lot. Be it a party or some event, beer is always there. Hope you will like this information,

1. Kingfisher Beer –

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It is one of the top 10 popular beer brands in India. Kingfisher is one of the most well-available and recognized beer brands. This brand is manufactured by United Breweries Group. When you taste this beer, it will initially taste a bit bitter, but the pleasure of drinking it is something else. Kingfisher’s sour sweetness is the most special and due to its fresh taste, Kingfisher is most liked among beer lovers. Despite having many competitors of this company, this company is still very popular in the market. When you consume it with peanuts, it gives you a different taste.

2. Tuborg beer –

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If you don’t like Strong beer, you will definitely like Tuborg. It contains only 4.8% alcohol percent. You can have this beer on any occasion. With this, you can eat any light food like salad and spicy dishes. The name Tuborg comes at number two among the brands of India. But when it comes to international brands, its name comes first.

3. Carlsberg Beer –

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One of the best beer brands in India, Carlsberg Beer is by far the lightest-tasting beer with very little bitterness. We can call this beer the best beer in the world. Its pale yellow lager leaves a slight bitterness on your tongue. After drinking this beer you get a unique experience. Everyone who has tasted this beer praises its unique taste and variety of premium beers. Let us tell you that Carlsberg merged with Tuborg in 1970 after which it became a part of Tuborg.

4. Budweiser Beer –

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Budweiser beer is one of the largest-selling beer brands in India. This beer has a sweet rice flavor and a touch of bitter hops. The taste of Budweiser beer is so mild that you can easily shove it down your throat. The most special thing about Budweiser beer is that it never fails to satisfy you.

5. Heineken Beer –

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When it comes to the best-selling beer brand in India, how can Heineken be left behind? Heineken is a beer with a more distinctive flavor, quite different from other beers. Heineken, the world’s most international beer brand, comes straight to you from Holland. It is a bit stronger than other mass-produced lager drinks and is also quite nice compared to other beers.

6. Corona Beer –

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If you are one of those people who cannot tolerate the bitter taste of beer, then Corona beer is great for you. Corona has been made in Mexico since 1925. It gives you a fruity-honey aroma and a touch of malt, with a fresh aftertaste. Although this brand is not a favorite of serious drinkers, it is great for those who are bothered by the bitter taste of beer. Please tell us that Corona is available in most states for Rs.250, but if you buy it in a bar, its price increases up to Rs.500-600. If you have not tasted any beer to date, then you must taste this beer once. For the best taste, have it with spicy and sour dishes.
Corona Beer Variants: Corona Extra (3.6% alcohol), Corona Light

7. Bira 91 Beer –

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India is a growing market for beer and Bira has nailed its entrance perfectly. Designed with Indians in mind, Bira has a mild flavor with spicy citrus and bitterness. If you are fond of beer then you can taste this brand.

Bira 91 Variants: Bira Blonde (5% Alcohol), Bira White Ale (5% Alcohol), Bira Light (4% Alcohol), Bira Pale Ale (7% Alcohol), Bira Strong Ale (7% Alcohol with Spicy Taste)

8. Foster’s Beer –

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फोस्टर ऑस्ट्रेलियाई लोगों के बीच एक पसंदीद ड्रिंक है जिसको भारत में भी पसंद किया जाता है। बीयर की पकने की प्रकिया के बाद इसकी ताजगी को बनाये रखने के लिए इसमें हॉप्स को जोड़ा जाता है। यह फोस्टर को थोड़ा कुरकुरा और स्ट्रोंग बनाता है। यह केवल दो वेरिएंट में उपलब्ध है। फोस्टर लागर जो एक स्ट्रोंग मैली सुगंध वाली और फॉस्टरस प्रीमियम जो एक सुनहरे रंग की बीयर है। अगर आप एक स्ट्रोंग और कडवे स्वाद वाली बीयर पीना पसंद करते हैं तो फोस्टर से अच्छी बीयर आपके लिए और कोई नहीं हो सकती।

9. Godfather Beer –

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Godfather is still a leading brand in the northern part of the country. The taste of this beer gives pleasure to your whole body. This best-quality Godfather has an alcohol content of 7.5%. Godfather is a great brand in the summer season which is the first choice of real bar lovers with its strong taste.

Godfather Beer Variants: Godfather Light (5% alcohol), Godfathers Strong (7% alcohol), Godfathers Lager (5% alcohol)

10. Kings Goa Beer –

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If you are going to visit Goa then your trip to Goa will not be complete without Kings. You can enjoy the best on the beach of Goa by consuming this beer made from maize and hops. Every sip of Kings will delight you with its crunchy taste.

Conclusion – The Best Beer Brands In India

So, friends, we have told you about the 10 best beers in India, you can take any beer of your choice, and all the beers we have provided are easily available in India, if you like our post then please let us know by commenting.

FAQ – Top Ten Best Beer Brands In India

Which is the number 1 beer in India?

Kingfisher Beer is India’s largest-selling beer brand with commanding market dominance and is widely popular among young beer lovers. The collection of beers includes both mild beers including Kingfisher Lager and Kingfisher Premium, and beers with higher alcohol content such as Kingfisher Super and Extreme Max.

Which beer has the most intoxication?

Bro Code Beer
This beer has an alcohol content of about 15%, which makes it the most alcoholic of any drink. 15% alcohol content is very high for any drink.

Which is the best beer for health?

Double Beer, and Chimte Red Beer, are all good quality beers

On how many days should beer be consumed?

According to the NHS, consuming more than 14 units of beer a week can be harmful. Not only this, if you are consuming it for more than 3 days or drinking it in excess, then it can be very harmful to health.

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