Teachers Whisky 50ml, 180ml, 1Litre Price in Mumbai | Teachers Whisky Price in Mumbai

Teachers Whisky Price in Mumbai – The world’s leading Scotch whiskey brand and India’s No. 1 premium Scotch brand – Teachers will now be available in a new, unique, and contemporary look. Teacher’s Whiskey was founded by William Teachers in the 1830s. He later produced Teachers 50 whiskey in the 1860s. Teachers Whiskey is made in Scotland and has been owned by Whiskey Beam Santori Inc. since 2014. Teacher whiskey has a higher alcohol content than other whiskeys. Today in this post we are going to tell you the Price of Teachers Whiskey in Mumbai.

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  • Teachers 50 whisky price in Mumbai,
  • Teachers whisky 180ml price in Mumbai,
  • Teachers whisky 1-liter price in Mumbai,
  • Teachers Highland Cream whisky price in Mumbai
  • Teachers Origin whisky price in Mumbai

About Whisky Price Variation In Mumbai

In an effort to curb smuggling and bootlegging, the state has reduced the excise duty on this sector from 50% -300% to 150%, which will make imported liquor much cheaper in Maharashtra.
Thus, the price of a 1000ml bottle of imported liquor like Scotch whiskey, which ranges from Rs 5,800 to Rs 14,000, will be reduced by 35 to 40%.

teachers whisky price in Mumbai

Check Out the Teachers Whisky rate In Mumbai –

Teachers Whisky 180ml.625/-
Teachers Whisky 375ml.1250/-
Teachers Whisky 750ml.2500/-
Teachers Whisky 1000ml.2985/-

teacher’s whisky Rate in Mumbai

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Types Of Teachers’ Whisky With Prices In Mumbai

Teachers 50 scotch whisky price in Mumbai

Teachers 50yrs Whisky 1000ml.3850/-
Teachers 50yrs Whisky 750ml.3080/-
Teachers 50yrs Whisky 375ml.1500/-
Teachers 50yrs Whisky 180ml.700/-

teacher’s highland Cream whisky price in Mumbai

teachers highland Cream whisky 1000ml.2985/-
teachers highland Cream whisky 750ml.2500/-

Teachers Origin whisky price in Mumbai

Teachers Origin Whisky 1000ml.3920/-
Teachers Origin Whisky 750ml.3420/-

About Teachers Whisky

There are three types of teacher’s whiskey. Teachers Highland Cream, Teacher’s 50, and Teacher’s Origin. Teachers Origin celebrates William Teacher’s origin as a great blender of Scotch whiskey. It is a blended whiskey that contains 65% malt, which is higher than any other standard blend and this whiskey is matured in 19th century-style quarter cask which gives more maturity up to 30% resulting in a rich and smooth taste.

Teachers Whisky Tasting notes –

NOSE: Smoke, gentle earthy peat, raw alcohol, vanilla, malty notes. <

PALATE: The palate is bolder than what the nose suggests, with notes of smoke, peat, and pepper. Fruity sweetness only comes out after you add a bit of water.  The water also tones down the raw alcohol notes but makes the smoke and peat disappear.

FINISH: Long and spicy, hints of pepper.

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FAQ – Teachers Whisky 50ml, 180ml, 1Litre Price in Mumbai | Teachers Whisky Price in Mumbai

1. Is Teachers Scotch or Whisky?

– Created in celebration of India’s 50 years of independence, Teachers 50 is a premium Scotch whisky. It has 50% malt whisky, and 50% grain whisky and is made from different Scotch whiskies.

2. Which Teacher’s whisky is best?

– Teacher’s best-known blend is Highland Cream, notable for its high malt content and use of peaty malt whisky, leading to a distinctively different blended Scotch.

3. Is teachers bottled in India?

– Unlike the existing variants of Teachers, the two introductions will not be bottled in India.

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