Stolichnaya Vodka Price In UK | Stolichnaya Vodka 70cl, 1L Price In UK

Stolichnaya Vodka Price In UK- Stolichnaya — or more popularly “Stoli” — is the most popular vodka brand on the market today. It’s a smooth, affordable Russian vodka that’s reliable. You’ll have no problem finding a bottle of Stoli in a liquor store, and the brand offers a variety of flavored vodkas that match the quality of the original vodka. Mixed into your favorite vodka cocktail or served chilled on its own, a bottle of Stoli’s will not disappoint.

Considering taste, price, and availability, Stolichnaya is one of the best vodkas available every day. It’s a gentle sipper and a wonderful cocktail base, all in all. The Red Label bottle is the brand’s flagship, clear vodka that forms the foundation of the entire portfolio and is available almost anywhere.

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Stolichnaya Vodka Price In UK

Vodka NameVolumePrice
Stolichnaya Vodka70cl20$
Stolichnaya Vodka1000ml28$
Stolichnaya Vodka Price In UK

About Stolichnaya Vodka

It is the original premium vodka that combines modern distilling of the highest quality spirit with century-old traditions to create its bold character.

Classically styled, exceptionally smooth vodka – crystal clear with aromas of marshmallow, mineral and mild fruit peel, soft and supple with creamy pastry frosting and sweet citrus rind.
Based on an award-winning recipe created in 1938—distilled three times and made from pure alpha grade wheat, rye, and artesian water at the Stoli Distillery in Latvia.
Stoli was the first to launch a flavored vodka and the first to be served in space – the first since 007 – and was also served in martinis for James Bond.

Pioneering and sustainable – Stoli believes in making the world a better place, so not only has he run LGBTQ bartending competitions around the world, but the distillery is now aiming to be carbon neutral in five years.

Delicious served with mixers, in cocktails, or on the rocks – Stoli’s big and clear flavors make it a perfect pairing for your favorite mixers like soda or tonic or classic martinis, Moscow Mules, or alcoholic spirits in new cocktails.

Alcohol typeVodka
Allergen informationContains: Abalone Free
Alcohol Content40 Percent by Volume
Liquid volume70 Millilitres

FAQ- Stolichnaya Vodka Price In UK

1. Is Stolichnaya a good vodka?

– Stolichnaya is one of the best everyday vodkas available. It’s a gentle sipper and a wonderful cocktail base, all in one.

2. What is the price of 70cl Stolichnaya Vodka in UK?

– The price of 70cl Stolichnaya Vodka in UK is 20$.

3. What does Stoli mean in Russian?

– Stolichnaya (also known as Stoli) is a vodka made of wheat and rye grain.

4. How much alcohol is in Stolichnaya Vodka?

– ABV 40%

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