Scandalust Whisky Review | Scandalust Cinnamon Whisky Review

Scandalust Whisky Review- ScandaLust is an all-natural, unsweetened cinnamon whiskey. Forget syrupy sweet, flavored whiskey full of artificial ingredients. It is made for mature taste buds. It’s a cinnamon roll in a glass and will forever turn you off to other flavored whiskeys. The whisky is Nothing artificial, has no colorings, and is not super sweet. Forget syrupy sweet, artificial ingredient-filled flavored whiskey. This is made for mature taste buds. It’s a cinnamon roll in a glass, and will forever ruin you toward all other flavored whiskeys.

Scandalust Whisky Details

BRANDScandalust Cinnamon Whisky
Distillery Clear Water Distilling
SPIRITS TYPECinnamon Whisky
Scandalust Whisky Details

Tasting Notes

Color- Amber color

Nose- A mixture of intense sweet cinnamon at the front, with subtle sour cinnamon at the back.

Palate– A whack of sweet cinnamon at first, with the spicy burn slowly building, though not reaching a level I would describe as a Smooth, Spicy Cinnamon Roll.

Finish- Toasted Oak, Cinnamon Toast. The intensity slowly drops, leaving a refreshing, almost menthol-like taste at the back.

Scandalust Whisky Review Video Summary

Scandalust Whisky Review Video Summary

Conclusion- Scandalust Whisky Review

Forget everything you know about flavored whiskey. This ‘adult’ spirit is all-natural, made with whiskey and cinnamon. No sugar. Once you taste this, you’ll be forever ruined by any other flavored whiskey. This vixen is unforgettable. This is a drink for cinnamon lovers.

FAQ- Scandalust Whisky Review

1. Is cinnamon good with whiskey?

– Cinnamon whiskey is a spicy spirit that is great for a shot or to add to a mixed drink.

2. How much alcohol content is in Scandalust Cinnamon Whisky?

– ABV 40%

3. Is Scandalust Cinnamon Whisky has Sugar?

– It has zero sugar added in it.

Thank You.

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