Royal Challenge Whisky Price In Pune | (PDF) Royal Challenge 60ml, 90ml, 180ml, 750ml, 1lit,2lit Whisky Price In Pune

Royal Challenge Whisky Price In Pune- Royal Challenge, abbreviated as RC, is a whiskey brand manufactured by United Spirits Limited in India. The brand was originally created by Shaw and Wallace and is now owned by Diageo through United Breweries Limited. Royal Challenge is a grain-based whiskey blended with Scotch malt, Indian malt and neutral grain spirits. The brand was initially launched in India by Shaw Wallace in the early 1980s and is currently owned by the Diageo subsidiary, United Spirits Limited.

Today we will see,

  1. Royal Challenge Whisky 180ml price in Pune
  2. Royal Challenge 750ml price in Pune
  3. royal Challenge 1 liter price in Pune
  4. Royal Challenge whisky 2 liter price in Pune
  5. Royal Challenge Premium Gold Whisky Price In Pune

Royal Challenge Whisky Price In Pune

RC Whisky Price In Pune –

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Royal Challenge Premium Gold60ml75/-
Royal Challenge Premium Gold90ml185/-
Royal Challenge Premium Gold180ml240/-
Royal Challenge Premium Gold375ml440/-
Royal Challenge Premium Gold750ml780/-
Royal Challenge Premium Gold1000ml/1lit1090/-
Royal Challenge Premium Gold2000ml/2lit2000/-

About Royal Challenge Whisky

Royal Challenge Whisky Tasting Notes-

Nose- A wonderfully smooth whiskey, the secret of its velvety texture lies in the use of mature malt and grain spirits at rest.

Finish- The finishing was long, smooth, deep, and yet delicate.

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FAQ- Royal Challenge Whisky Price In Pune

1. What is the price of royal challenge 750ml in Pune?

– the price of royal challenge 750ml in Pune is Rs.780/-

2. Is Royal Challenge Indian?

– The brand is one of several Indian whiskeys owned by Diageo’s Indian Arm United Spirits.

3. What is the price of royal challenge 1lit in Pune?

– the price of royal challenge 1lit in Pune is Rs.1090/-

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