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Rockford Whisky Price In Mumbai – Rockford Reserve Whiskey is produced and marketed by Modi Elva India Pvt. Ltd. Rockford is known as a fine blended whiskey with complex golden color and an exceptionally smooth and elegant aroma. This excellent whiskey is blended with the finest oak-aged Scottish malt whiskey in fine charcoal filtered Indian grain spirit under the supervision of our Scottish master blender.

In India, the price of Rockford whiskey varies from region to region due to differences in liquor tax policies between Indian states and Union Territories. Generally, however, a full bottle of The Rockford Reserve Whiskey costs between ₹ 1000 and 1500. Below we have uploaded the price of Rockford Whisky In Mumbai.

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  • Rockford Reserve Whisky Price In Mumbai
  • Rockford classic whisky price in Mumbai
  • Rockford Whisky 750ml price in Mumbai

Rockford Whisky Price In Mumbai

Rockford Whisky90ml110
Rockford Whisky180ml270
Rockford Whisky375ml470
Rockford Whisky750ml850

Rockford Reserve Whisky Price In Mumbai

Rockford Reserve Whisky60ml75
Rockford Reserve Whisky180ml230
Rockford Reserve Whisky360ml455
Rockford Reserve Whisky750ml910
Rockford Reserve Whisky1000ml1210

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Rockford Classic Whisky Price In Mumbai

Rockford Classic Whisky90ml100
Rockford Classic Whisky180ml195
Rockford Classic Whisky360ml390
Rockford Classic Whisky750ml780
Rockford Classic Whisky1000ml1030

About Rockford Whisky

The Rockford Reserve Whisky has an alcohol content is 42.8%, which is typical of premium Indian grain spirits. The whisky is available in 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml packs.

Rockford Whisky Tasting Notes-

Easy to drink. Moderately smooth finish. No burning sensation.

Nose- Apricot, Cork

Taste- Toffee

Finish- Toffee

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FAQ, – Rockford Whisky Price In Mumbai

1. How is Rockford Classic?

– The Rockford Classic is a great blended whiskey with an intricate golden color and a wonderfully smooth and elegant aroma

2. Rockford whisky 750ml price in Mumbai

– RS.850/-

3. Is Rockford a Scotch?

– Rockford is different in that it is a blended whisky

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