Rockford Whisky Price In Goa | Rockford Whisky 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml Price In Goa

Rockford Whisky Price In Goa- The excellent oak-aged Scottish malt whiskey supplies this smooth and delicious whiskey mixed with charcoal filtered Indian grain spirit. Rockford Reserve Whiskey has an alcohol content of 42.8%, which is typical of premium Indian grain spirits. Whiskey is available in 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml packs.

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  • Rockford whisky price in goa
  • Rockford classic whisky price in goa
  • Rockford Whisky 750ml price in goa

Rockford Whisky Price In Goa

Rockford Whisky90ml100
Rockford Whisky180ml250
Rockford Whisky375ml450
Rockford Whisky750ml800

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Rockford Reserve Whisky Price In Goa

Rockford Reserve Whisky60ml75
Rockford Reserve Whisky180ml230
Rockford Reserve Whisky360ml440
Rockford Reserve Whisky750ml900
Rockford Reserve Whisky1000ml1200

Rockford Classic Whisky Price In Goa

Rockford Classic Whisky90ml90
Rockford Classic Whisky180ml180
Rockford Classic Whisky360ml370
Rockford Classic Whisky750ml750
Rockford Classic Whisky1000ml1020

About Rockford Whisky

  • Ingredients: Demineralised water, grain neutral spirit, and scotch malts concentrate.
  • Aroma: Med full aroma, the hint of oak.
  • Taste: Med full flavor, hints of citrus and oak, good texture.
  • Appearance: Rich, full golden, clear, and bright.
  • Finish: Long, well-balanced finish, med sweet.

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FAQ- Rockford Whisky Price In Goa

1. What is the Rockford reserve 750ml whisky price in Goa?

– The price of Rockford reserve 750ml whisky in Goa is Rs 900/-

2. How do you drink Rockford?

– Pour the whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitter, and sugar into the crushed ice in a cocktail glass. Mix well. Top with club soda, and stir again. Garnish with maraschino cherries.

3. What is the alcohol content of Rockford Whisky?

– The alcohol content of Rockford Whisky is 42.8%

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