Pendleton Whisky Review | Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky Review

Pendleton Whisky Review- Pendleton takes its name from the Pendleton Round-Up – a classic western rodeo that goes back more than a century. The official round-up was started in 1910 in Pendleton, Oregon as the “Northwestern Frontier Exhibition Association”. That first year 7,000 people attended to attend and watch “scenic entertainment, Indian and military spectacles, cowboy racing and a frontier display of bronco gangs for the Northwest Championship”.

This whisky is primarily a rye-based whisky but does not fit the American definition of rye for the sake of labeling. Founded in the Great Northwest, the Pendleton Premium Whiskey brand is an assortment of premium quality spirits whose reputation has grown far beyond its region of origin. Crafted to indulge the cowboy spirit, the Pendleton brand of premium whiskey honors a heritage that inspires us to live life boldly, drink well and savor every moment, wherever we are.

Pendleton Whisky Details

BottlerHood River Distillers
CaskRe-fill American oak
Age10 years
Pendleton Whisky Details

Tasting Notes

Appearance- Dark copper in the bottle, Bright gold in the glass.

Nose- A lot of rye spice, almost too much. Heavy caramel, slightly chemical. The smell is also incredibly light and sweet. There are hints of caramel, toffee, vanilla, and artificial maple syrup with floral notes hiding behind the sweetness.

Palate- It takes some doing, but once you crack open this bronc, subtle notes of dark honey, raw sugar, cinnamon, maple syrup, and edible flowers slowly pour out of the barrel like sneaky rodeo clowns. The caramel is a very artificial flavor, more reminiscent of Yankee Candle than burnt sugar. The mid-palate offers some rye spice but not much richness or volume and quickly fades into a short, slightly warm finish.

Finish- Medium length. Sweet and syrupy again, like allspice-infused corn syrup. An unfortunate chemical twist at the end, like aerosol. Grain alcohol cloying takes on chemically artificial caramel, imitation vanilla, watery molasses, butterscotch, and maple for a long-lasting finish.

Pendleton Whisky Review Video Summary

Pendleton Whisky Review Video Summary

Conclusion- Pendleton Whisky Review

Much more complex and interesting than most Canadian whiskeys out there. It’s a great deal for someone looking for a good brand and is much older and more drinkable than most Canadian whiskeys. This whisky is Delightful. Goes down easy and finishes smooth. If you’re more into single malt scotch than regular Canadian whiskey, you’ll love this whiskey. This is a casual sipper that would be well-suited by the addition of cola or other mixers.

FAQ- Pendleton Whisky Review

1. Is Pendleton a top-shelf whiskey?

– Pendleton makes a top-of-the-line whiskey.

2. Who owns Pendelton Whisky?

– Pendleton Whisky is a Canadian whisky bottled by Hood River Distillers in Hood River, Oregon, and owned by Becle, S.A.B., the parent company of Jose Cuervo Tequila.

3. Why do cowboys drink Pendleton?

– It’s named after Pendleton Roundup (one of the most prestigious rodeos in the U.S.), and it’s the official spirit of the ProRodeo Cowboy Association.

4. Is Pendleton made in Canada?

–  Pendleton Whisky is produced in Canada.

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