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Officers Choice Whisky Price In Mumbai- Officers Choice commonly known as OC, is a pure Indian Whisky Brand owned by allied Blenders and Distillers, formerly BDA. it is considered to be one of the largest spirit brands in the world. in 2015 OC overtook Smirnoff vodka to become the world’s largest selling spirit brand.
It is considered to be one of the largest spirit brans in the world. But one thing about this brand that is Officers Choice is an international favorite.

Officers Choice:-

  • Brands:- Indian
  • Product:– Officers Choice Whisky
  • Alcohol by volume:- 42.8%
  • Country of origin:– India
  • Manufacturer:- Allied Blenders And Distillers
  • Introduced:- 1988
  • Colour:- Brown

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  • Officers Choice Whisky Price In Mumbai
  • Officers choose 180ml whisky price in Mumbai
  • officers to choose 375ml whisky price in Mumbai
  • officers choose 500ml whisky price in Mumbai
  • officers choice 750ml whisky price in Mumbai

Officers Choice Whisky Price In Mumbai

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Officers Choice Whisky 180ml95/-
Officers Choice Whisky 375ml190/-
Officers Choice Whisky500ml380/-
Officers Choice Whisky 750ltr355/-

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About Officers Choice Whisky,

officers’ choice is a smooth, finely balanced malt blend that does justice with every sip. enjoy globally, officers choice is an international favorite. the finely balanced malt blend of whisky celebrates the officers today who live their passions, cave their route to success, and inspire those around them to follow their dreams.

officers’ choice is to blend scotch malt and selected Indian grain spirit. officers choice whisky is truly exquisite whisky, it derives the distinctive taste and character from the charred oak barrels it is matured in the strong taste touch of charred oak, combined with the deep notes of fruity and floral flavors to create complex harmony that makes it a rich and rare blend.

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FAQ:-Officers Choice Whisky Price In Mumbai

How much is a 750ml bottle of Officers Choice?

an officer’s choice 750ml bottle of whisky cost Rs 355/-

What is the price of Officers Choice 180ml?

180ml of officers choice cost is 95/-

How much alcohol is in the Officers Choice?

42.8 Alcohol by Volume As similar as Royal Stag

is Officers Choice a good whisky?

Officers Choice is the best whisky in India and its most popular whisky of all time, and its taste is also good.

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