OC Blue Price In Kolkata | Officer Choice Blue 180ml, 375ml, 750ml Whisky Price In Kolkata

OC Blue Price In Kolkata – Officers ‘Choice Blue is a premium variant of Officers’ Choice. It is a perfect blend of Scotch malts and selects Indian grain spirits. A beautifully designed, well-shaped pack gives it a premium and Scotch-like look and feel. Below we have uploaded the officer choice blue price in Kolkata.

Today we will see,

  • oc blue 750ml price in Kolkata
  • oc blue 500ml price in Kolkata
  • officer choice 375ml price in Kolkata

OC Blue Price In Kolkata

Officer Choice blue price in Kolkata

Whisky NameVolumePrice
OC Blue180 ml174
OC Blue375 ml360
OC Blue500 ml480
OC Blue750 ml720

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About OC Blue Whisky

BrandOfficer’s Choice

The Officers’ Choice Blue Blended Malt Indian Whiskey contains 42.8% bottle by volume. The vibrancy of the fruit and the subtle PT and woody features will surely lift your every moment. This makes it the perfect versatile whiskey for every occasion.

FAQ – OC Blue Price In Kolkata

1. What is the officer choice 750ML price in Kolkata?

– officer choice 750ML price in Kolkata is Rs.720/-

2. What is the officer choice 500ml price in Kolkata?

– Officer choice 500ml price in Kolkata is Rs.480/-

3. What is the officer’s choice of blue 375ml price in Kolkata?

– Officers’ choice blue 375ml price in Kolkata is Rs.360/-

4. What is OC blue?

– Blue Rare Grain Whiskey is a premium version of Officers’ Choice.

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