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Oban Whisky Price UK – Stills are small and condensing takes place in worm tubs. Yet if you spend a week at the distillery, you’ll notice that they don’t run every day. In fact, Oban produces as little as possible. The reason for this is to preserve his character. Oban’s make is light rather than heavy, and this means that a lot of copper contact is required – difficult in small static/worm tub sites. The same solution as at Royal Lochnagar – heating the worms to raise the copper content and opening the steel doors after distillation to allow oxygen to revive the copper.

The result is a clean, intensely fruity spirit that, after aging even in refill casks, has a tingling mineral spiciness that some may perceive as saltiness.
Oban whisky is a very smooth whisky. And this whisky taste makes Oban whisky even more special, in this article we are going to talk about Oban whiskey prices.

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Oban Whisky Price UK ( Price Chart )

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Oban 14 Year Old Whisky700ml£79.95
Oban Bay Reserve Special Whisky700ml£67.99
Oban Little Bay700ml£57.99
Oban 2006 Distiller’s 700ml£78.22
Oban 12 Years Old Special Releases700ml£104.99
Oban 10 Years Old Sherry Cask700ml£105.65
Oban 2007 Distiller’s Edition700ml£78.22

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History Of Oban Whisky-

Oban is unusual in being both a seaside distillery and an urban one. Its story is intertwined with the town in which High Street is built. Indeed, the site is as old as the present city itself.

In the late 18th century, the Duke of Argyll, keen to build businesses on his land, offered low rents to anyone who would build a house. The enterprising Stevenson brothers (John and Hugh) bought Belanahua Island in 1780 to mine slate for a project that would take advantage of this incentive scheme. They were not planning to build a house, but a village.

In 1793, he laid out what is today’s Oban and built a brewery at its heart. Distillation is recorded a year later, although the first official record dates only to 1799. The Oban Distillery would remain in family ownership until 1866 when it was sold to local businessman Peter Cumsty who owned it until 1883 when he sold it. To John Walter Higgin.

Throughout this period, his reputation was growing, but traffic was always difficult. Although Oban was now a thriving port, it took time for whiskey to reach the main market of Glasgow. It was given a lifeline in 1888 when the railway arrived from Glasgow.

Further success in the market led Higgin to rebuild the distillery – the design is what you see today. He then sold it in 1898 to another entrepreneur, Alexander Edward who retained ownership until the 1930s, when it was taken over by DCL (now Diageo).

A very small site (it has only two paintings), by the 60s Oban, was at the mercy of an industry in an expansionary mood, and in 1968, DCL announced it would be closed. However, this decision was reversed in 1972 with the building of the current stillhouse.

Soon after (in 1979) Oban became an early player in the new single malt category with a 12 year old expression. In 1989, it was relaunched as a 14 year old when Oban joined the Classic Malts selection. It was at this point that he began to build a significant following in the US market.

About Oban Whisky –

Oban 14 Years Old Whisky – Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Smoky, maritime nose with hints of sticking plasters and toffee brittle.
  • Palate: Smoky, creamy palate with notes of marmalade, toffee apples, and pear cider. A development of cloves comes late palate.
  • Finish: A long, malty finish with toasty oak and spice.
  • Overall: A true classic, Oban’s 14-year-old is a great coastal dram for lovers of lightly smoked, fresh malts.

FAQ – Oban Whisky Price UK

What Is The Price Of Oban 14 Years Old Whisky In UK?

The Price OF Oban 14 Years Old Whisky In UK Is £79.95

What Is The Price Of Oban 12 Years Old Whisky In the UK?

The Price OF Oban 12Years Old Whisky In the UK Is £104.99

What Is The Price Of Oban Little Bay Whisky In the UK?

The Price OF Oban Little Bay Whisky In the UK Is £57.99

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