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Oaksmith Whisky Price In Mumbai – Beam Santori, a premium international spirits company, received global recognition earlier this year for its two brands in competitions in the US and UK. Premium whiskey brand – Oaksmith Gold and its blends Oaksmith International won gold and double gold at the annual SIP Awards in California, USA. Brands competed with over 1,000 brands from 49 countries and were rated based on aroma, taste, and finish. Customers are part of the judging panel in this unique competition. The price of this whiskey varies from country to country and city to city. So today we are going to look at the Oaksmith price in Mumbai.

Today we will see,

  • Oaksmith Silver Whisky Price in Mumbai
  • Oaksmith Gold whisky price in Mumbai
  • Oaksmith Whisky 180ml Price In Mumbai
  • Oaksmith Whisky750ml Price in Mumbai

Oaksmith Whisky Price In Mumbai

Below we have uploaded types of Oaksmith Whisky prices in Mumbai.

Oaksmith Gold whisky price in Mumbai

Oaksmith Gold price in Mumbai-

Whisky Name Volume Price
Oaksmith Gold whisky180ml320/-
Oaksmith Gold whisky375ml700/-
Oaksmith Gold whisky750ml1375/-

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Oaksmith Silver whisky price in Mumbai

Oaksmith Silver price in Mumbai –

Whisky Name Volume Price
Oaksmith silver whisky180ml210/-
Oaksmith silver whisky375ml480/-
Oaksmith silver whisky750ml840/-

Oaksmith International Blended Whisky Price in Mumbai

Whisky Name Volume Price
Oaksmith International Blended Whisky180ml240/-
Oaksmith International Blended Whisky 375ml500/-
Oaksmith International Blended Whisky 750ml1000/-

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About Oaksmith Whisky

The Oaksmith brand, India’s first international blended whiskey, arrived in India in December 2019. “Oaksmith is a high-quality, nose-rich, smooth-spirited, and delicately designed to balance the whole body, pleasing elongation, and scalp. In the end, it is expanding across the country and is getting a lot of praise from customers. ” The company said. Oaksmith brands belong to the premium whiskey segment, which is also gaining traction in India, with many international brands launching their brands in the country.

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FAQ- Oaksmith Whisky Price In Mumbai

1. Is Oaksmith smooth?

– From seed to sip, Oakmith Gold is gentle on the nose and balances with notes of rich fruity sweetness in oak woodiness and completes it clean and smooth.

2. How is Oaksmith Gold whiskey?

– Oakmith Gold is a blend of Scotch from distilleries in Scotland and bourbon from the United States and is combined with Japanese craftsmanship to create a distinct whiskey for the Indian market.

3. What Is Oaksmith Whisky 180ml Price In Mumbai?

– Rs.230/-

Thank You.

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