Oaksmith Gold Price In Delhi | Oaksmith Whisky 180ml, 375ml, 750ml Price In Delhi

Oaksmith Gold Price In Delhi -Beam Santori, a premium international spirits company, received global recognition earlier this year for its two brands in competitions in the US and UK. Premium whiskey brand – Oaksmith Gold and its blends Oaksmith International won gold and double gold at the annual SIP Awards in California, USA. Below we have uploaded Oaksmith Whisky Price In Delhi.

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  • Oaksmith Gold price in Delhi
  • Oaksmith Silver Price in Delhi
  • Oaksmith Whisky750ml Price in Delhi

Oaksmith Whisky Price In Delhi

Oaksmith Gold price in Delhi-

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Oaksmith Gold whisky180ml300/-
Oaksmith Gold whisky375ml660/-
Oaksmith Gold whisky750ml1300/-

Oaksmith Silver price in Delhi

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Oaksmith silver whisky180ml200/-
Oaksmith silver whisky375ml410/-
Oaksmith silver whisky750ml800/-

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About Oaksmith Whisky

The Oaksmith brand, India’s first international blended whiskey, arrived in India in December 2019. “Oaksmith is a finely crafted whiskey that is high quality, rich in the nose and balanced on the scalp, full-body, pleasantly elongated whiskey. In the end, it is expanding across the country and is getting a lot of praise from customers. ” The company said.

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FAQ- Oaksmith Gold Price In Delhi

1. Is Oaksmith a good Whisky?

– YES, Oaksmith is designed to achieve a high quality, smooth vibe that is rich in the nose and is balanced on the scalp, and has a full-body, pleasantly long finish.

2. What is the price of Oaksmith Whisky in Delhi?

– The price of Oaksmith 750ml whisky in Delhi is Rs.1300/-

3. What is the price of Oaksmith gold 180ml in Delhi?

– The price of Oaksmith gold 180ml in Delhi is Rs.300/-

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