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Monkey Shoulder Price In USA– Monkey Shoulder is a mix of three different Speyside single malts and is great with mixers or just on its own. Smooth, sweet, and very easy to drink. Superb blended malt whisky from William Grant made with single malts from the company’s three neighboring distilleries in Dufftown. The result is a smooth, creamy, supple and very malty Scotch that works superbly well neat, over ice, or in whisky cocktails.

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Monkey Shoulder Price In USA

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt Blended Scotch750ML$32.99
Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch750ML$39.89
Monkey Shoulder whisky price in USA

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About Monkey Shoulder Whisky-

NOSE:- Zesty Orange meets mellow vanilla, honey and spiced oak.
TASTE:– Mellow vanilla with spicy hints.
FINISH:- Super smooth.

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FAQ- Monkey Shoulder Price In USA

What Is The Rate Of Monkey Shoulder Price In USA 750Ml?

The Price Of Monkey Shoulder 750ml Whisky Price In The USA Is $39.89

Monkey Shoulder Duty-Free Price?

The Price Of Monkey Shoulder Duty-Free is $32

How Much Alcohol Contains In Monkey Shoulder Whisky?

Alcohol By Volume- 40%

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