Labrodog Whisky Price In Goa | Labrodog 750ml Whisky Price In Goa

Labrodog Whisky Price In Goa – The unveiling of the award-winning luxury Scotch whiskey The Labrodog Double Cask is a kind of 750ml custom crystal decanter and stylish closure is an incomparable masterpiece.

Today we will see,

  • Labrodog 750ml Whisky Price In Goa
  • Labrodog 12yrs blend 750ml Whisky Price In Goa

Labrodog Whisky Price In Goa

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Labrodog Blended Whisky750ml1300/-
Labrodog 12yrs Blended Whisky750ml3390/-

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About Labrodog Whisky

Tasting notes taken with this incredible Labradog double cask blended Scotch whiskey is one of the most impressive expressions that hint at the aroma of dried fruit, dark chocolate with velvety scalp, and sweet, delicious smoke.

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FAQ- Labrodog Whisky Price In Goa

1. What is the price of 750ml Labrodog Whisky In Goa?

– The price of 750ml Labrodog Whisky In Goa is Rs.1300/-

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