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Ketel One Vodka Price in UK- Meticulously crafted vodka from a Dutch distillery that has been a family business for 10 generations since 1691. Introduced in the UK in 1999 after huge success in the US. For both the price and the great taste and texture, Kettle One is a great vodka for its smoothness and crowd pleaser. Kettle One has logged nearly 40 years of making vodka, and the distilling prowess of the more than 350 family-run company is reflected in its fine selections.

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Ketel One Vodka Price In UK

Vodka NameVolumePrice
Ketel One Vodka70cl23$
Ketel One Vodka Price In UK

About Ketal One Vodka

Nolet Distillery, where Ketel is made, opened in 1691, and the Ketel name originated with its initial product, Dutch jenever, which was popular locally. The Nolet family moved to the U.S. noticed the growing thirst for vodka and decided to create a product specifically for this large, desirable market. And so Ketel One was born.

Tasting Notes-

Color: Crystal-clear

Nose: Soft, restrained sweet wheat aromas with a very subtle hint of citrus and fresh sweet herbs

Palate: Slightly savory and slightly sweet from the 100% wheat base, Ketel One hits the tongue with a round, smooth texture, a touch of grainy sweetness, and a luxurious, soft texture.

Finish: Crisp sweetness and subtle peppery notes linger long and wrap up with a cracker-dry finish.

Alcohol typeVodka
FlavorCitrus, Honey
Alcohol Content40 Percent by Volume
Liquid volume0.7 Litres

FAQ- Ketel One Vodka Price in UK

1. What is the price of 70cl Ketel One Vodka in UK?

– The price of 70cl Ketel One Vodka in UK is 23$.

2. What is special about Ketel One?

–  It has a unique, high-quality crafted vodka for the modern palate. 

3. What country makes Ketel One vodka?

– The Netherlands.

4. Who owns Ketel One?

– Diageo company owns Ketel One.

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