Kavalan Whisky Price Singapore | Kavalan 700ml, 70cl Whisky Price In Singapore

Kavalan Whisky Price Singapore- The Kavalan Whisky Distillery has been pioneering the art of single malt whisky in Yilan County, Taiwan since 2005. Kavalan sources the mineral-rich meltwaters of Snow Mountain and is aged in a unique combination of intense heat and humidity together with sea and mountain breezes. All this combines to create the quality, smoothness, and fruity character for which Kavalan is known. King Car distillery is located in Yilan County, Taiwan, and the single malt whisky produced there is named after the indigenous people who originally inhabited this northeastern corner of the island: the Kavalan.

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Kavalan Whisky Singapore - Kavalan Whisky

Kavalan Whisky Price Singapore (Price Chart)

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Kavalan Solist Cask70clS$ 950
Kavalan Single Malt Whisky700mlS$ 140
Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Whisky70clS$ 380
Kavalan Classic Single Malt700mlS$110
Kavalan Concertmaster Port Cask Whisky700mlS$ 108

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About Kavalan Whisky

Taiwanese distillery Kavalan was founded in 2005 and released its first bottling in 2008. Quickly winning awards for its single malts, Kavalan has been rising in popularity since its opening. The flagship single malt from Taiwan’s Kavalan. Only operating since 2005 they have wowed the world with their young but full-flavored whisky, concentrating on their signature flavors of tropical fruit.

Kavalan Whisky Review

FAQ- Kavalan Whisky Price Singapore

What is the price of Kavalan Whisky Price In Singapore?

The Price of Kavalan Whisky In Singapore Is- S$ 950

How Much Alcohol Content In Kavalan Whisky?

Alcohol By Volume:-40%

What is the price of Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Whisky In Singapore?

The Price Of Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Whisky In Singapore is- S$ 380

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