Kaiyo Whisky Review | Kaiyo Japanese Mizunara Oak Whisky Review

Kaiyo Whisky Review- Asian whisky brands are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Kaiyo means “ocean” in Japanese. There’s a reason they’ve added that name. Another element of Kaiyo Japanese whiskey is that it is transported at sea for about three months on ships. Every drop of whiskey comes into contact with the Mizunara oak due to the waves’ impact, air pressure, and temperature variations. The fact that the whisky was not aged 100% of the time in Japan is the reason “Japanese whisky” doesn’t appear on the label. Kaiyo Mizunara Oak Cask Strength Japanese Whisky is matured in the finest Mizunura oak casks. The casks are hand-made due to the Mizunura oak’s delicate wood grain.

Kaiyo Whisky Details

OriginBlend (Japan)
TypeBlended Malt (from multiple sources)
Times DistilledDouble
BarrelsJapanese Mizunara Oak
Kaiyo Whisky Details

Tasting Notes

Appearance- light straw or hay

Nose- The aromas are complex with plenty of honey and fruit notes on warm vanilla and oak. Not even a hint of sandalwood, but if you’re a fan of noxious incense that smells like burning rubber, then yes, this probably smells like incense.

Palate- Medium body. Mild tongue burn (hotter than expected for 43% ABV). Sweet and peated, honeydew, smoked honey, and toasted grains.

Finish- The finish is medium length and aromatic.

Kaiyo Whisky Review Video Summary

Kaiyo Whisky Review Video Summary

Conclusion- Kaiyo Whisky Review

Our curiosity about Mizunara oak’s impact on the final product (floral, woody, coconut) has been satisfied with this whisky. A really nice entry into the Japanese market. Quite a smooth taste. Easy to the palette with an oak aroma and sweet tinge. We didn’t get the cake or fruity taste from it, but it’s definitely a new midrange favorite. Kaiyo Whisky is complex, sweet, charming, and disarming.

FAQ- Kaiyo Whisky Review

1. What does the name kaiyo mean?

– The name Kaiyo is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Ocean.

2. Is kaiyo real Japanese whiskey?

–  Kaiyo Japanese whisky is the final ocean matured whisky aged in Mizunura Oak. These are the most expensive barrels in the world.

3. Is kaiyo single malt?

– Kaiyo is double-distilled, 100% malt whisky, but it’s not a single malt. Colloquially known as “teaspooned malt” 

4. Kaiyo whisky alcohol percentage?

– ABV 43%

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