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J&B whisky price in Mumbai – Jasterini and Brooks Rare, commonly known as J&B Rare, is an ageless non-statement blended Scotch whiskey. This is the only whiskey expression from the Justerini and Brooke brand on the market today. J&B Rare is one of the best-selling blended Scotch whiskeys in the world.

It was first released after the end of the protests in the US and is the only continuously produced expression of the brand. The J&B rare blend contains many malt and grain whiskeys. Courtesy of Nokando Distillery’s Spaced Single Malt is known for its smoothness and lightness. If you want to know the price of Amrut Whiskey in Mumbai, it is given below.

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  • J & B Whisky 750ml Price in Mumbai
  • J & B Whisky 1 litre Price in Mumbai

J&B whisky price in Mumbai

Whisky NameVolumePrice
J & B Rare Whisky750ml1590/-
J & B Rare Whisky1000ml/ 1lit1830/-

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About J & B Whisky

Justerini and Brooks are named after two independent, prominent personalities in the brand’s history. The first was Giacomo Justerini, who, along with his business partner, George Johnson, founded the wine trading company Johnson & Justerini in 1749. Brooks changed the name of the company to Justerini and his own name and created the Justerini and Brooks brand we know today. The company continued to trade only in wine, and the company went into whiskey until ownership of the company was transferred to Brooks’ son-in-law, William Cole.

J&B Whisky Tasting Notes

Nose: Light, crisp, and nutty. Soft notes of orchard fruits and citrus

Palate: Mellow, fruity with hints of butterscotch candy and sweet biscuits

Finish: Medium. Very gentle spice, citrus, and oak

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FAQ,- J&B whisky price in Mumbai Pdf

1. What whisky is in J&B?

– J&B Rare whisky is a blend of 42 malt and grain whiskies. It includes single malts from Knockando, Auchroisk, and Glen Spey

2. J & B Whisky 750ml Price in Mumbai.

– J & B Whisky 750ml Price in Mumbai is Rs.1590/-

3. J & B Whisky 1 litre Price in Mumbai.

– J & B Whisky 1 litre Price in Mumbai is Rs.1830/-

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