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imperial Blue Price In Mumbai – Also known as Seagram’s Imperial Blue, this Indian whiskey brand is known and loved for its excellent smoothness. Imperial Blue is Pernode Record’s best-selling whiskey brand by volume. Imperial Blue is also ranked among the top three best-selling whiskey brands in the world. In India, the price of Imperial Blue varies from region to region due to differences in liquor tax levy between Indian States and Union Territories.

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  • IB Whisky Price In Mumbai

Imperial Blue Whisky Price In Mumbai

Ib Whisky Price In Mumbai –

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Imperial Blue Whisky180ml140/-
Imperial Blue Whisky375ml340/-
Imperial Blue Whisky750ml672/-
Imperial Blue Whisky1000ml/ 1lit820/-

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About Imperial Blue Whisky

The brand currently sells 18 million cases annually in India and packs are available to suit every occasion. Available in Imperial Blue 2L, 1L, 75cl, 37.5cl, 18cl, and 9cl bottles. 1L and 75cl packs are offered in mono-cartons. Imperial Blue Whiskey is a great blend of Indian Grain Spirit and Imported Scotch Malt. Imperial Blue has a medium amber color and a pale thin lemon juice nose. Whiskey palate is made from caramel, lemon juice, and sweetener, which gives a short finish and burns alcohol on the lips and back of the throat.

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FAQ:- Imperial Blue Whisky Price In Mumbai

Imperial Blue price 750ml price in Mumbai?

Imperial Blue Whiskey 750ml is priced at Rs 672

Imperial Blue 180ml Price in Mumbai?

Imperial Blue Whiskey 180ml is priced at Rs 140/-

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