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Golden Blue Whisky Price In Singapore- Golden Blue, a homegrown whisky brand with a low alcohol Percentage and an Affordable price tag, has beaten Diageo’s Windsor in the key market in Seoul for the 1st time in 16 years, industry officials said Friday. Golden Blue Diamond, a 17-year-old blended whisky, took up 41.4% of the market share in the affluent Gangnam district in the same age section last month, beating Windsor 17 Years, a Scotch whisky by British premium drink maker Diageo. Golden Blue, a home-grown whisky released in 2009 by a fledgling Korean distiller based in Busan, has been increasingly widening its base among whisky lovers who prefer a mild taste and affordable price tag.

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Golden Blue Whisky Price In Singapore- Golden Blue Korean Whisky

Golden Blue Whisky Price In Singapore (price Chart)

Whisky NameVolumeVolume
Golden Blue Diamond Whisky 450mlS$80.88

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About Golden Blue Diamond Whisky

The Golden Blue Diamond Whisky- Golden Blue was formed in South Korea’s second city Busan in 2009. After a few difficult years, the company was taken over by local businessman Park Yong-soo in 2011. After founding and later selling an automotive parts company he was ready to dedicate himself to introducing the dram to a new generation of Korean drinkers. Under Park, the company has been so successful that they have managed to grow its sales every year. This is even though the total whisky market has shrunk during this time. They have their goals set on becoming the largest whisky brand in Korea by the year 2020.

Golden Blue Whisky Review

FAQ-Golden Blue Whisky Price In Singapore

What is the price of Golden Blue Diamond whisky price in Singapore?

The price of Gloden Blue Diamond Whisky in Singapore Is- S$80.88(450ml)

How much alcohol Content in Golden Blue Whisky

ABV:- 40%

Golden Blue whisky is from which country?

Golden Blue Whisky is a Korean whisky. And this whisky is famous all over the world

Thank You.

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