Glenfiddich Whisky Price In Nigeria | Glenfiddich 700ml, 750ml Whisky Price In Nigeria

Glenfiddich Whisky Price In Nigeria- The Glenfiddich Whisky is one of the few single malt distilleries to remain entirely family-owned and is now the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky brand. Regarded as a big name in Nigeria’s whisky market, Glenfiddich’s portfolio of premium whiskies comprises a wide range of 12 Years Old to 50 Years Old, including the Grand Cru. Nigerian People Love This Whisky.

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  • Glenfiddich Price Nigeria
  • Glenfiddich Price In Nigeria
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  • Glenfiddich 21 Years Price Nigeria
  • Glenfiddich 18 years Price Nigeria
Glenfiddich Whisky Price In Nigeria

Glenfiddich Whisky Price In Nigeria (Price Chart)

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Glenfiddich 30 Years Old Whisky700ml₦ 421,600
Glenfiddich 26 Years Old Whisky700ml₦ 428,070
Glenfiddich 23 Years Old Whisky700ml₦ 181,980
Glenfiddich 21 Years Old Whisky700ml₦ 149,150
Glenfiddich 18 Years Old Whisky750ml₦ 39,470
Glenfiddich 15 Years Old Whisky750ml₦ 25,700
Glenfiddich 12 Years Old Whisky750ml₦ 18,000

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About Glenfiddich Whisky

The Glenfiddich Is a single malt scotch whisky stored in a combination of both American And European oak casts. 12 years old matured in American bourbon, Portuguese sherry, and virgin oak. The whisky was then married in a Solera vat. This is a great staple 12-year-old from the Glenfiddich distillery. It is stored in these oak casks for 12 years which gives it uniqueness in taste and elegance in the blend.

Great gift bottle idea. The term single malt whiskey refers to a whiskey that is produced by a single distillery using a single malted grain, which is typically barley. Single malts are most famous among Scotch whisky, though they can be produced anywhere in the world. Ireland, Japan, America, Canada, and other countries produce great single malts as well

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Review Of Glenfiddich Whisky

FAQ- Glenfiddich Whisky Price In Nigeria

Glenfiddich 50 years Price Nigeria?

The Price of Glenfiddich 50 years Whisky Price is – ₦ 11,368,267

Glenfiddich 25 Years Price Nigeria?

The Price Of Glenfiddich 25 Years Whisky Price is – ₦ 315,000

How Much Alcohol Content In Glenfiddich Whisky?

Alcohol By Volume:- 43%

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