Dalmore Whisky Price In UK | Dalmore 700ML, 750ML Whisky Price In UK

Dalmore Whisky Price In UK- Production ceased in 1917 as the Royal Navy used warehouses as factories to manufacture mines. After they left in 1920, part of the distillery was damaged by fire following an explosion in the warehouses, and Dalmore only resumed production in 1922, while Andrew Mackenzie took the Navy to court for compensation.

A Saladin box malting system was installed in 1956, which remained in operation until 1982, the last time barley was malted on site. The distillery remained under sole ownership until the 1960s when it merged with Whyte and Mackay. The new company increased the number of pictures from four to eight in 1966.

Between 1970 and 2002, White and McKay’s ownership changed hands a few times and the company went through an identity crisis. I will try to explain the facts to the best of my understanding, but some of my sources have conflicting dates, so apologies for any inaccuracies. Now we are going to take a look at Delmore prices. Delmore whiskey is world famous and in high demand around the world, let’s see what these whiskey prices are in the UK.

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Dalmore Whisky Price In UK ( Price Chart )

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Dalmore Cigar Malt Whisky700ML£99.95
Dalmore 12 Year Old700ML£58.95
Dalmore 21 Year Old750ML£577.99
Dalmore 15 Year Old750ml£88.95
Dalmore 12 Year Old750ml£608
SMWS 13.21 -Dalmore-1985 11 Year Old750Ml£452
Dalmore 1965 Set With Glass And Miniature750Ml£3,748
Dalmore King Alexander III700ML£232
Dalmore 45 Year Old700Ml£15,500
Dalmore 1985700ML£2,499

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About Dalmore Whisky-

Dalmore distillery- The 2022-release of The Dalmore 21-Year-Old was initially matured in American oak casks and finished by Gonzalez Bias in Matuselem Oloroso sherry butts, creating layers of rich fruit and warm spice throughout the palate.

A favorite expression of the Dalmore stable, this 15-year-old is charming and smooth, with the lip-smacking texture and impeccable balance expected from maestro Richard Patterson.

To make The Dalmore King Alexander III, Master Distiller Richard Patterson selected different aged Kentucky malts matured in a blend of French wine casks, Madeira drums, sherry butts, Marsala barrels, port pipes, and bourbon barrels. A remarkable feat of blending.

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FAQ- Dalmore Whisky Price In UK

what is the price of Dalmore 45-Year-Old Whisky In the UK?

The Price Of a Dalmore 45-Year-Old In the UK Is –£15,500 (700ml)

what is the price of Dalmore King Alexander III Whisky In the UK?

The Price Of a Dalmore King Alexander III In the UK Is –£232 (700ml)

How Much Alcohol Content In Dalmore Whisky?

Alcohol By Volume-40%

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