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Chase Vodka Price In UK- Chase Vodka has triumphed in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, beating 249 rivals from around the globe, including Russia and Poland’s finest. Tasted under blind conditions (all the bottles were covered to maintain anonymity), Chase was preferred by a 30-strong panel of independent judges.

Chase Original Potato Vodka is made from potatoes in a copper pot still for the purest finish. Smooth and creamy, people believe that hallmark spirit makes the most refined vodka martini cocktail.

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Chase Vodka Price In UK

Vodka NameVolumePrice
Chase Vodka70ml37$
Chase Vodka75cl39$
Chase Vodka Price In UK

About Chase Vodka

Created entirely from field to bottle on our Herefordshire family farm, this truly British vodka has the exquisite quality and real provenance, with 250 glorious Herefordshire potatoes in every bottle. Batch produced in our copper pot still, Fat Betty, for the purest finish, creating a smooth and creamy vodka. Perfect for the ultimate vodka martini. Awarded best tasting vodka at the San Francisco world spirits competition.

From the Chase Distillery in Hereford, England. Chase is a single estate distillery, founded by William Chase in 2008. Using a unique hand-crafted Copper Batch Pot, the family makes innovative spirits from the produce grown on their farm.

Alcohol typeVodka
FlavorChase Potato Vodka
Alcohol Content40 Percent by Volume
Liquid volume700 Millilitres

FAQ- Chase Vodka Price In UK

1. What percentage is Chase Vodka?

– ABV 40%.

2. What is the price of 700ml Chase Vodka in UK?

– The price of 700ml Chase Vodka in UK is 37$.

3. Is Chase vodka made from potatoes?

– Chase Vodka is a premium potato-based vodka made from specialty potato varieties such as Lady Claire and King Edward.

4. Who is Chase Vodka owned by?

– It is owned by William Chase

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