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Cardhu Whisky Price In UK – One of the most resilient houses in the Seven Kingdoms, House Targaryen has survived many trials and tribulations, often with the help of their fire-breathing dragons. House Targaryen’s willpower and fierce, unwavering determination allowed Daenerys Targaryen to walk through fire and emerge at the head of the greatest army the known world had ever seen.

Under the Targaryen banner she marched to claim the Iron Throne and bend her rivals to her will. Helen Cumming and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth built the Cardhu Distillery in a male-dominated whiskey world, fueled by the same fiery spirit and determination. This single malt celebrates the legendary women of the Seven Kingdoms and Scotland with a tasty, dark and fruity drink with a spicy toffee edge.

The whiskey has a rich golden color with soft honey aromas with just a hint of toasted oak. Take a sip and you’re greeted with apple pie flavors, sweet baked fruit and buttery cinnamon, which quickly transitions into rich caramel with clove and malty biscuit flavors. Cardhu whiskey is known, now the price of cardhu whisky is going to be known.

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  • Cardhu 12 Years Old Whisky Price In UK
  • CArdhu 5 Years Old Whisky Price In UK
  • Cardhu 15 Years Old Whisky Price In UK
  • Cardhu Amber Rock Whisky Price In UK
  • Cardhu 11 Years Special Edition Whisky Price In UK
  • Cardhu Gold Reserve Whisky Price In Uk

Cardhu Whisky Price In UK (Price Chart)

Whisky NameVolumePrice Alcohol%
Cardhu Gold Reserve70CL£49.0040%
Cardhu 12 Years Old Whisky70Cl£40.9940%
Cardhu 18 Years Old Whisky70Cl£84.5840%
Cardhu Gold Reserve Cask Selection70CL£37.9940%
Cardhu Amber Rock70CL£45.0040%
Cardhu 2008 11 Years Special Edition70CL£40.9946%
Cardhu 12 Years Old (1980’s)75CL£15040%
Cardhu 16 Years Old70CL£16058%
Cardhu 12 Years (1990’s)75CL£17540%
Cardhu 15 Years Old Whisky75CL£100063%
Cardhu 5 Years Old Whisky75CL£25040%
Cardhu 12 Years Old 100Cl£22543%

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About Cardhu Whisky-

The distillery was founded in 1824 by John Cumming, a former whiskey smuggler. The distillery was high on Manoch Hill, above the River Spey, where the peat (used for firewood) softened the water. The distillery started as the farm distillery operated on a seasonal basis after the harvest was collected. The distillery was mainly run by Helen Cumming who sold bottles of whiskey to passers-by from her farmhouse window.

As the farm distillery was running because of the hill, Helen saw the police approaching and threw flour over herself, saying she was baking bread to get rid of the smell. She would then offer them tea and wave a flag outside so that others could see the nearby distillery and take immediate action.

The distillery was rebuilt on new land in 1885 but remained in the hands of the Cummings, run by Elizabeth Cumming, daughter of John and Helen Cumming. Pictures from the old distillery building were sold to William Grant who founded the Glenfiddich Distillery. The new building and stills meant that Cardu could produce three times the amount of whiskey it had previously produced. These high production levels led to Johnnie Walker and Sons buying much of Cardu’s output into their increasingly popular blends.

In 1893, Elizabeth Cummings sold the distillery to Johnnie Walker & Sons on the condition that the Cummings family could run the distillery on a day-to-day basis. Cardoo Distillery continued to operate under these conditions until the outbreak of World War II when wartime restrictions meant it was difficult to use barley for distilling purposes.

In 1960 the still-house, mash-house and tune-room of the distillery were rebuilt and in 1970 steam coils were introduced to heat the stills and the number of stills increased to six. Water from the spring on Manoch Hill began to be mixed with water from the local Lynn Burn to supply the distillery’s increased output.

Malt Whiskey Trail Map
Scotland’s Malt Whiskey Trail is a tourism initiative that features seven working Speyside distilleries, including Cardoo, a historic distillery, and Speyside Cooperage. According to a BBC article, “Cardu is a Scotch that may taste familiar because it is used in Johnnie Walker’s blended whisky”.

Tasting Notes Of Cardhu Whisky-

  • Nose:-Good body, decent sweetness, richness. Streaks of smoke, apple peels, bruised pears.
  • Palate:-Smooth, rounded, gentle sweetness, soft peat. A little smoke whispers sweet nothings.
  • Finish:- Long, dry smoke, malty touch of peat.

FAQ – Cardhu Whisky Price In UK

What Is The Price Of Cardhu 5 Years Old Whisky In UK?

The Price Of Cardhu 5 Years Old Whisky In UK IS – £250

What Is The Price Of Cardhu 16 Years Old Whisky In UK?

The Price Of Cardhu 16 Years Old Whisky In UK IS – £160

What Is The Price Of Cardhu Amber Rock Whisky In UK?

The Price Of Cardhu Amber Rock In UK – £45.00

How Much Alcohol Percentage In Cardhu Gold Reserve Whisky?

Alcohol By Volume – 40%

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