Black Label Price In Up | Black Label 750ml Whisky Price In Up

Black Label Price In Up– Blended to perfection, Johnnie Walker Black Label sets the benchmark in deluxe blended whiskies. Taking malt and grain whiskies matured for over 12 years from all over Scotland, the iconic blend has an unparalleled depth of flavours.

Believing they could capture the best of the whisky industry in a single blend, the Walker family pursued that goal and have been rewarded with multiple awards worldwide. A Royal Warrant from King George V is a hot Johnnie the company still holds today.

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Black Label Price In Up

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Black Label Whisky750ml3800/-

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About Black Label Whisky-

NOSE Take in the luxurious scent of rich and tropical dark fruits with hints of sweet vanilla.
PALATE – Savour the depth of flavor developed from maturation in oak casks, combined with creamy toffee notes from grain whiskies.
FINISH – Smooth and warming smoke finish.

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FAQ- Black Label Price In Up

What is the Black label 750ml Price In Up?

The Price Of Black Label 750ml whisky price in up is Rs, 3800/-

Is Black Label a good drink?

The Black Label offer is currently “the best-selling scotch whiskey in the world”.

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