Black Dog 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1ltr Whisky Price In Mumbai | Black Dog Whisky Price In Mumbai

Black Dog Whisky Price In Mumbai, Black Dog is One Of the Most famous whiskies in the world, Black Dog Whisky is Excellent and Expensive whisky all the time. Black Dog is a brand of scotch whisky that is bottled and marketed by United spirit limited,

Black dog Whisky is a Scotch whisky type and Black Dog was reported to be the world’s fastest-growing scotch whisky by volume, according to IWSR ( International Wine And Spirits Research) The Whiskies used in the blend come from Scotland, Black Dog Scotch Whisky sold in India is bottled in Parmori District Nasik in Maharashtra, by importing the undiluted spirit from Scotland, a strategy that avoids the import duties imposed on liquor imports to India that are bottled before import. creating a bouquet that captures all the flavors o Scotland, giving the black Dog its very distinctive flavor & taste.

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  • Black Dog Whisky Price In Mumbai
  • Black Dog 180ml whisky price in Mumbai
  • Black Dog 375ml whisky price in Mumbai
  • Black Dog 750ml whisky Price in Mumbai
  • Black Dog 1ltr whisky price in Mumbai

Black Dog Whisky Price In Mumbai

NameVolume Price
Black Dog180ml380 Rs
Black Dog375ml775 Rs
Black Dog750ml1490 Rs
Black Dog1ltr1970 Rs

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About Black Dog Whisky

Black Dog Whisky Price In Mumbai

  • Brand:-Black Dog
  • Product type:- liquor
  • Product Category:– Whisky
  • Types:- Scotch Whisky
  • Manufacturer:- United Spirit Ltd
  • Country of origin:- Scotland
  • Introduced:- 1883
  • Alcohol by volume:- 42.8%
  • Colour:- Amber

Black Dog Scotch Whisky was founded in 1883 in Scotland, where it was first blended by James Mackinlay, who was a second-generation blender from the Leith-based family. Black dog scotch is made from the best quality grain.

Black Dog scotch is made from 10-20% malted barley and other unmalted cereals like wheat, and maize. that is the reason why it’s called grain whisky. apart from that, black dog scotch whisky is not heavy on the pocket its much better than many other brands.

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FAQ:- Black Dog 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1ltr Whisky Price In Mumbai | Black Dog Whisky Price In Mumbai

Is Black Dog Whisky an Indian Brand?

Black dog scotch Whisky sold in India is bottled in Parmori Nasik in Maharashtra, but the black dog is from Scotland.

How much alcohol does Black Dog whiskey contain?

The whiskey contains 42.8% alcohol

Black Dog 180ml Price in Mumbai?

Black Dog 180 ml whiskey costs Rs 380

Black Dog price in mumbai 750ml?

The price of a 750ml bottle is 1490

Is black Dog good whisky

Black Dog is one of the best whisky ever, it has a great amber color and is a very smooth whisky ever. if you trying alcohol for the first time Black Dog is for you.

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