Bellion Vodka Price In UK | Bellion Vodka 750ml Price In UK

Bellion Vodka Price In UK- Bellion Specialty Vodka is a new type of spirit created with NTX technology. Bellion is creating the next generation of alcoholic beverages, a whole new category where science meets spirits. Bellion was developed using a proprietary blend of FDA-approved ingredients called NTX. The spirit embedded with NTX is made smarter without sacrificing the customer experience. True innovation has come to the world of spirits for the first time in our lifetime through Bellion, a breakthrough that redefines the term “responsible drinking”.

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Bellion Vodka Price In UK

Vodka NameVolumePrice
Bellion Vodka70cl39.99$
Bellion Vodka Price In UK

About Bellion Vodka

Bellion Vodka was founded in 2012 by Harsha Chigurhpati and is based in California. After graduating college, Harsha worked for his family’s pharmaceutical company, focusing his research on reducing the negative effects of daily use of food, alcohol, and drugs.

After years of research, Harsh developed NTX, a proprietary blend of FDA-approved ingredients: licorice root extract, mannitol (manna sugar), and potassium sorbate (white salt), which is found in Bellian Vodka.

As for its taste, Bellion Vodka is very sweet, with licorice dominating the palate. However, vodka is smooth and can make an interesting addition to cocktails as long as you don’t mind the sweetness that vodka contributes. The bottle is stunning and eye-catching, but the vodka is too sweet for this reviewer.

Technical Specs

  • Made in Fairfield, CA
  • 6x Distilled from corn
  • Infused with NTX
  • Gluten-Free
  • 80 Proof | 40% ALC/VOL | 750mL

FAQ- Bellion Vodka Price In UK

1. What is the price of 750ml Bellion Vodka in the UK?

– The price of 750ml Bellion Vodka in the UK is 39.99$.

2. What is a Bellion vodka?

– Bellion Vodka is the world’s first “functional spirit”.

3. What proof is Bellion vodka?

– 80 Proof | 40% ALC/VOL | 750mL.

4. Who made Bellion vodka?

– Chigurupati is the inventor of NTX Technology.

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  1. It’s literally not even available in the UK, so this is a dumb article.. do your research or at least be better at it lol


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