Ballantine Whisky Price In Kolkata | Ballantine 750ml Price In Kolkata

Ballantine Whisky Price In Kolkata – Ballantine’s Finest is a complex, refined and elegant blended Scotch whiskey. It is considered a taste to satisfy the modern style. Original taste, complexity, and purity come from over 50 single malt flavors. Undoubtedly, the taste of Ballantine depends on these 50 single malts, 4 single grains, and especially the fingerprint malts of Miltonduff and Glenburn. It is balanced because no single element dominates. Below we have uploaded the Ballantine Price In Kolkata.

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  • Ballantine 12 years price in Kolkata

Ballantine Whisky Price In Kolkata

Whisky NameVolumePrices
Ballantine Finest Whisky750ml2820/-
Ballantine 12-Year-Old Whisky750ml3000/-

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About Ballantine Whisky

In 1827, George Ballantine founded a grocery store in Edinburgh. His products included whiskey and spirits. In 1865, George opened a new store in Glasgow, which he considered a more lucrative location. He hired his son Archibald to run the Edinburgh operations. It was at this point that George Ballantine began to create his own mix.

FAQ – Ballantine Whisky Price In Kolkata

1. What is the Ballantine Price In Kolkata?

– Ballantine Price In Kolkata 750ml is Rs.2820/-

2. What is the Ballantine 12 years price in Kolkata?

– Ballantine 12 years price in Kolkata is Rs.3000/-

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