Bagpiper Deluxe 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1ltr Whisky Price In Mumbai | Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky Price In Mumbai

Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky Price In Mumbai– Bagpiper is a brand of Indian whisky, manufactured by United Spirits Ltd (USL), Bagpiper was Launched in October 1975. Bagpiper is sold in a square bottle with a black and gold packaging design. The company describes the whisky flavor as a light malty aroma and a hint of a smooth woody character, owing to the use of malt spirit specifically mature in preidentified American oak casks it is similar to blended whisky flavor with pot still malt whisky, but the neutral spirit used as a base are distilled from molasses instead of grain.

Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky Price In Mumbai

  • Brand:– Bagpiper
  • Type:- Indian Whisky
  • Country of Origin:- India
  • Introduced:- October 1976
  • Manufacturer:- United State Ltd
  • Alcohol by volume:- 42.8%
  • Colour:- Brown
  • Flavour:- Light malty aroma, smooth woody character

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  • Bagpiper Deluxe whisky price in Mumbai
  • Bagpiper Deluxe 180ml whisky price in Mumbai
  • Bagpiper Deluxe 375ml whisky price in Mumbai
  • Bagpiper Deluxe 750ml whisky price in Mumbai
  • Bagpiper Deluxe 1ltr whisky price in Mumbai

Bagpiper Deluxe whisky price in Mumbai

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky180ml135/-
Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky375ml270/-
Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky750ml540/-
Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky1ltr685/-
Bagpiper Deluxe whisky price in Mumbai

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About Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky

A smooth blend of scotch and Indian malts and spirits, Bagpiper is one of the most iconic Indian whisky brands. it has a light malty aroma with a hint of wood or an earthy character behind it. Bagpiper is the finest whisky ever made by Indian distillers, with a good flavor, it’s a wonderful whisky. The bagpiper was the seventh-largest selling spirit brand by volume in 2010. The bagpiper was launched in 1976 by Herbertsons Limited, which had been acquired by the United Breweries Group in 1973. Herbertson’s Limited was merged with several other UB Group-owned companies to form United Spirit Limited in 2006.

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FAQ:- Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky Price In Mumbai

Is Bagpiper a good Whisky?

Bagpiper still ranks among the top ten highest-selling Indian whisky brands in-country and is also one of the finest whisky ever

How much alcohol does Bagpiper Deluxe whisky contain?

The whisky contains 42.8% alcohol

Bagpiper Deluxe 180ml Price in Mumbai?

Bagpiper Deluxe 180ml whisky cost Rs 135/-

Bagpiper Deluxe half bottle price in Mumbai?

The half-size bottle is 750ml and its price is 540/-

When was Bagpiper Deluxe whisky produced?

it was manufactured and launched by united spirit limited (USL) it was launched in October 1976

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