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AU Vodka Price In UK- Au Vodka, is named after the chemical symbol for gold. It combines British heritage and luxury ingredients together to create truly exceptional ultra-premium vodka. Fives times distilled, Gold filtered, and made with the finest British ingredients. The bottle itself is stamped with handcrafted pewter labels, each featuring subtle differences meaning every bottle of Au Vodka is unique. Au’s signature smooth taste and distinct flavoring are perfect on the rocks or in a martini, breathing character to any cocktail.

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AU Vodka Price In UK

Vodka NameVolumePrice
AU Vodka70cl30$
AU Vodka Price In UK

About AU Vodka

AU Vodka is a luxury vodka brand and is owned by Welsh duo Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn, and partially owned by DJ, producer, and TV presenter, Charlie Sloth. The vodka is premium vodka and tastes as such. It is quite smooth, but not the smoothest vodka ever tasted, but I have tried quite a few premium bottles in my time, and it is quite pleasant to drink. It has a sharpness to it, you can really get a taste of the vodka with that warm, alcoholic kind of kick to it.

Au has combined its award-winning recipe with natural fruit juices and flavors to create a unique tropical sensation. Au Fruit Punch’s exotic taste is perfect over ice or paired with lemonade, truly encapsulating the taste of summer.

Country of origin‎UK
Country of origin of primary ingredient(s)‎UK
Alcohol Content‎40 Percent by Volume
Specialty‎Suitable for Vegetarians
Manufacturer‎Au Vodka Ltd

FAQ- AU Vodka Price In UK

1. What is the price of 700ml AU Vodka in UK?

– The price of 700ml AU Vodka in UK is 30$.

2. What does AU mean in vodka?

– The name comes from the periodic table symbol for gold.

3. How much alcohol is in AU Vodka?

– ABV 40%.

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