Amrut Whisky Price In USA | Amrut 50Ml, 750Ml, Whisky Price In USA

Amrut Whisky Price In USA- Amrut is a brand of Indian single malt whisky, manufactured by Amrut Distilleries. It is the first single malt whisky to be made in India. Amrut or Amrit is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “nectar of the god’s nectar of life or drink of the gods. The company translates it as “Elixir of Life. The brand became famous after whisky connoisseur Jim Murray gave it a rating of 82 out of 100 in 2005 and 2010. In 2010 Murray named Amrut Fusion single malt whisky the third-best in the world. John Hansell, the editor of the American magazine Whisky Advocate, wrote that India’s Amrut distillery changed the way many think of Indian whisky – that it was, in the past, just cheap Scotch whisky blended with who knows what and sold as Indian whisky. Amrut is making whisky, and it’s very good.

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  • Amrut Whisky Price
  • Amrut Fusion Price
  • Amrut Amalgam Whisky Price
  • Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky Price
  • Amrut Prestige blended Malt
  • Amrut Single Malt Peated
  • Amrut Intermediate Sherry
  • Amrut Naarangi Single Malt Whisky

Amrut Whisky Price In USA

Whisky NameVolumePrice
Amrut Fusion50ML$9.99
Amrut Single Malt50Ml$9.99
Amrut Fusion750ML$78.99
Amrut Single Malt 750ML$61.99
Amrut Single Malt Peated750ML$81.99
Amrut Cask Strength750ML$89.99
Amrut Kadhanbam750ML$149.99
Amrut Intermediate Sherry750ML$149.99
Amrut Traditional750ML$54.99
Amrut Naarangi Single Malt Whisky750ML$139.99
Amrut Whisky Price In USA

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About Amrut Whisky-

Amrut Fusion Whisky- Amrut Fusion Price, India Rich, barley and fruit nose with citrus, spices, creamy sweetness, and a hint of peat. The palate is oaky, and rich, with a gentle peat, coffee, and dark chocolate notes. Long, spicy-sweet finish with a touch of citrus.

Amrut Naarangi Single Malt Whisky:- India- The name is Hindi for “orange” because it was aged with wine and orange peels for three years in a sherry cask. Then finished in another cask for 3 more years. Has dominant orange sherry notes. Notes of figs, vanilla, and nutmeg.

Amrut Traditional:- India- The nose is very powerful with oak, milk chocolate, almonds, apricots, and spices. It’s light and fruity on the palate, with barley and coconut flavors throughout. The finish is medium-long with peppers and again the taste of the oak lingers

Amrut Single Malt:- Amrut Single Malt is an award-winning single malt from India made exclusively from Indian barley and matured in an oak cask.

Tasting Notes:
Colour:– Amber
Aroma:- Sweet and sour with an air of oak
Taste:- Oily, with infused lemon and cumin seeds
Finish:- Average with pepper and lemon rind notes

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FAQ- Amrut Whisky Price In USA

Amrut Amalgam Malt Whisky Price

The Price Of Amrut Amalgam Malt Whisky 750Ml, Is $492.27

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky Review

This Is a Proper Indian Whisky, that has spent much of its time in the shadows of purity, First Thing Amrut fusion Single Malt Whisky Ratings Are 4.8 Stars, This Whisky Taste Has a Smokey touch which it has got might be heavy for beginners

750ml Amrut Whisky Price In Indian Rupees

Amrut Whisky Brand Has Separate Fan Base In India, And Most Popular And Produces in India, Amrut Whisky is Indian Single Malt whisky And Its Price In India Is Rs- INR 3,050

Amrut Wine Price

The Amrut Wine Price Is $75.99

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