About us

Hello friends,

There is a very interesting story behind the launch of this website. In fact, we’re a group of 6 friends, and we’re all whiskey lovers. We always try different brands of whiskey. We are very interested in testing the whiskies that will be famous in different seasons in different places.

One day we went for Goa Holiday, which is a beautiful place to try. There we were looking for “Jim Beam Bourbon Black” whiskey which is everyone’s favorite whiskey. So while searching, 2 different shop owners told us different prices, and we got confused.

Then we googled it, but even there we didn’t understand the exact price. Finally, we took the whiskey from the shop at the price they told us. Then we decided to launch a website for all the whisky brands worldwide and upload not only country-wise, state-wise but also the actual price of whiskey in each of the cities so that no whiskey lover would be deceived and get them at the right price.


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